Auto Guiders

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Description: Auto guiders are used to keep the telescope centered on an object over a long period of time.  The primary use of auto guiders in Sequence Generator Pro is for "dithering" between frames in order to give your software a better chance of removing camera defects like hot pixels and bad columns.

Sequence Generator Pro does not have a built in auto guider.  Rather it uses the following 3rd party auto guiding software


PHD2 Settings

In an effort to become more tightly integrated with the PHD2 auto guider, SGPro implements some settings that are specific to this relationship.  In order to access them, choose "PHD2" as the auto guider from the drop down list, then click the settings button.  If this is the first time you have done this, a warning dialog will appear indicating that SGPro does not know where you have installed PHD2.  To correct this, click the "Browse..." button and find your PHD2 install folder.  Once chosen, you will not need to do so again.  In addition to this, clicking the "Settings" button in the future will actually open PHD2 for you in order to complete the rest of the settings.  The PHD2 settings dialog looks like this (note that you can set this for the current sequence via the control panel or you can set this per equipment profile via the equipment profile manager):

The install path (described above) is a global setting and applies to all sequences and profiles.  The other settings here can be set per equipment profile.  SGPro will query PHD2 for a list of PHD2 profiles you have created.  Here, you can match a PHD2 equipment profile with a particular set of gear (the gear in the corresponding SGPro profile).  

It is also possible to connect / disconnect your PHD2 gear by clicking the "Connect" or "Disconnect" button.  For convenience, these buttons are also located on the PHD2 docking module.