Filter Wheels

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Connecting and Setting Options:

Filter wheels are selected and connected on the Sequence Window in the equipment group box.

Options can be set when the filter wheel is in a disconnected state by clicking the  icon.  These options will vary by manufacturer.  For ASCOM filter wheels this will bring up the ASCOM properties dialog for the selected filter wheel.  This properties dialog is generally where the COM port is specified as well as other device dependent information.

To connect the filter wheel click on the connection icon .  Once connected the icon will change , click this icon to disconnect.

Hardware Specific Information

Filter Wheel Control Panel:

Description: The Control Panel provides control of the Filter Wheel.  Many of these controls are also duplicated in the Filter Wheel Module.  These values can also be preset by using a profile or by opening a sequence.

The active (set) filter is displayed with bold text (and has a corresponding image of that filter for rapid identification)


Filter Setup Dialog

Flats Dialog

For Canon cameras this dialog will allow for entering exposure length and flat box brightness per ISO setting:

Note:  You can automatically calculate and populate the exposure length data (per profile) here by using the flats calibration wizard.

Hardware Specific Information