Flat Boxes

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Connecting and Setting Options:

Flat Boxes are selected and connected on the Sequence Window in the equipment group box.

Flat Boxes are in the "Extended" equipment list and as such you will need to click the down arrow below the telescope to access the Flat Box connection settings.

Options can be set when the flat box is in a disconnected state by clicking the  icon.  These options will vary by manufacturer.  This properties dialog is generally where the COM port is specified as well as other device dependent information.

To connect the flat box click on the connection icon .  Once connected the icon will change , click this icon to disconnect.

Flat Box Control Panel:

Description: The Control Panel provides control of the Flat Box.  These values can also be preset by using a profile or by opening a sequence.


When you click the "Flats" button you will see a dialog like this:

From here, you can enter the flat box's brightness for that filter at a particular binning.  These are the settings that will be used by the sequence when it is running.  For example, if you are having the sequence capture flats for the red filter at 2x2, both the exposure length and flatbox brightness need to be set in this dialog for that filter.  Keep in mind that once you have this data, you should save it into an equipment profile so that you do not continually need to fill these forms out prior to a sequence.

Other Information: