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When you purchase a retail license of Sequence Generator Pro you reserve the right to install it on up three personally owned machines.  These licenses are self managed through a combination of the website ( and the actual SGPro application.

When you purchase SGPro, an account will be created automatically and sent to your email address.  This is the account you will use to log in to the Main Sequence Software site and also to register machines for use of Sequence Generator Pro.  

To Register Sequence Generator Pro

Open SGPro and navigate the the "Help" menu:

Choose "Register this Machine":

In this dialog, enter your username / PayPal email address and then the password that was sent to you when you purchased SGPro.  Click Register and this machine will be set up for retail use of Sequence Generator Pro until you remove it.

Managing Your Licenses

If you need to re-arrange your licenses (add or remove authorized machines), navigate to (from SGPro you can also choose "Manage Licenses" from the "Help" menu) and perform a log in.

After a successful login, you will be directed to a screen showing your purchases and active machines:

On the left, this screen shows a purchase of SGPro on 7/16/2013 and that there are 2 licenses remaining for other install on other machines.  The right side allows you to manage licenses.  To remove a machine, simply click the red trashcan icon.  This will reclaim one of your machine licenses and allow you to go through the process above with a new machine.

Checking Your License Status and Add-on Trials

When running SGPro, you can check the current status of your licenses (SGPro and any available add-ons) by navigating to the "Help" menu and selection "License Information":

This dialog shows that SGPro is a retail license and that the user has started a trial for the "Framing and Mosaic Wizard".  Clicking "Refresh Licenses" will do exactly that (you should almost never need to use this).  If you own SGPro and would like to start a trial for an addon, come to this dialog, select the add-on you are interested in and then click "Start Trial".  After confirming, you will have 45 start an unrestricted 45 day trial for that add-on.