SGPro 2.5 Sequence Migration

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SGPro 2.5 was introduced with some fairly substantial changes to the way in which it stores sequence and equipment profile data.  The most prominent change (to the user) is the movement of settings that used to be global into individual settings and profiles.  As an example, the setting to use Astrometry.NET remotely or locally (ANSVR) used to be global (meaning, the same for all sequences and profiles).  Now, in 2.5 this setting belongs uniquely to each sequence or profile.

Affected settings (these are global in SGPro 2.4 and are now part of sequences and profiles in SGPro 2.5) are as follows:

In order to alleviate support issues and general confusion, SGPro 2.5 provides a sequence and profile migration tool (Tools->Sequence & Profile Migration (v2.5)) that will handle all this stuff for you (if you want to have it automated):

The introductory paragraph has pretty concise instructions, but to summarize, you can:

Migrations modify and save your files in place.  This means that some of their settings will be overwritten during the process.  If this makes you nervous, make sure the "Backup data prior to migrating" option is selected.

Note: If you migrate your equipment profiles, you will need to restart SGPro!

Note: If you migrate a sequence that is currently open, you will need to reload it in order to see the newly migrated settings.