Slave Settings

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Description: The Observatory Settings (Slave Settings) dialog is used to define how the observatory will be slaved the the telescope position.  It defines parking as well as settings to slave the dome slit to the telescope.

It should be noted that when a slew is issued through Sequence Generator Pro that the slaving code will attempt to make an educated guess about what side of the meridian the scope will end up on.  Unfortunately there is no way of knowing which side of the meridian the scope will actually end up on for items that are very close to the meridian.  Sequence Generator Pro always assumes that the mount will end up on the opposite side of the pier from where it is pointing.  For instance if the object is West of the meridian the scope will be assumed to be on the east of the meridian.  However if this guess is incorrect the dome will be properly adjusted when the next update as it will use the side of pier obtained from the mount.  For this reason it is beneficial to set your mount driver to disallow slewing to the same side of the meridian that the scope is currently on.