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The Target List shows all targets for the current sequence (it will scroll when you have more than 5).


Action Buttons

Sequence Notifications

SGPro has many notification messages that take place outside the context of an "event".  These notifications are similar to event level notifications, but they are representative of all sequence notifications.  This notification area will collect and aggregate messages from all events and, in addition to this, show messages for actions that are outside the context of an event (like issues with auto focus, centering or meridian flips).  When the icon is "gray" (pictured below) it means that there are either no sequence notifications or that there are no new sequence notifications (since the last time you looked).  If the icon is "solid" it means you have new notifications to look at.  Notifications are saved with the sequence... they will be present if the sequence is closed and re-opened.

Clicking on the icon presents a window that shows the notification messages.  Optionally, you can clear this list if you'd like.

Target Actions

There are several actions that can be performed on targets by right clicking on them.

Target Settings

Settings can be accessed by clicking the gear icon or by right clicking a target and then clicking "Target Settings".

Each target has settings that will alter the behavior of the sequence.  In addition, you will find several manual actions here (like slewing and centering).