Telescopes / Mounts

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Connecting and Setting Options:

Telescopes are selected and connected on the Sequence Window in the equipment group box.

Options can be set when the telescope is in a disconnected state by clicking the  icon.  These options will vary by manufacturer.  For ASCOM telescopes this will bring up the ASCOM properties dialog for the selected telescope.  This properties dialog is generally where the COM port is specified as well as other device dependent information.

To connect the telescope click on the connection icon .  Once connected the icon will change , click this icon to disconnect.

Telescope Control Panel:

Description: The Control Panel provides control of the Telescope / Mount.  Many of these controls are also duplicated in the Telescope Control Module and the Focus Target Module.  These values can also be preset by using a profile or by opening a sequence.



        1. Your gear will not collide with a tripod or pier if it tracks to this position
        2. Your ASCOM driver will allow the mount to track this far past the meridian (if it will not, then this trigger will never fire and a flip will never occur).  Each ASCOM driver is unique in the way they allow or set meridian limits.  Please consult your driver's author or driver's group for more specific information on this.

Using Sky Safari (for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android):

In order to control a telescope connected to Sequence Generator Pro via Ski Safari, open telescope settings and enter the following configuration parameters (iPad pictured below):